How do you write for LawInSport?

Information on how to write and contribute articles to be published on

We welcome contributions from all of ours members, readers and the wider sports law community. However, this is on the basis it meets our standards and confirms to our guidelines. 

Before writing please email introducing yourself and briefly setting out your proposal.

This allows us to assess whether the proposed topic is suitable for the site, and we can also let you know if we already have another author writing on it.

If we are happy with the proposal, we will ask you to send through a skeleton draft, briefly setting out the structure of the article and what you intend to include in each section. This allows us to give early editorial feedback, which, from our experience, dramatically speeds up the process to publishing.     

As well as accepting submitted work, we actively commission content on topics that we think need covering.  When commissioning, we will approach authors that have an appropriate skill set for the topic, and who are keen to write.  Accordingly, if you are interested in writing, but do not presently have a topic, please let us know your area of specialism and we will bear you in mind for the future.  It would also be useful if you could provide us with a copy of anything relevant you have written to date.


Chris Bond, Editor